Your foreign NGOs presence in many international council is not tolerable by Pakistan



 Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has spoken clearly on the against Islamic agenda, has lashed out at some sponsored Israeli's & Indian groups , saying his presence at the international human right counsel is less tolerable. According to a news report, the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan had said in strictly  response to the statement of the French President that  is not acceptable under the open freedom of expression in France.

Some international human rights NGOs watch many tweeted the Prime Minister  Responding to the hate speech against Islam, UN watch many tweeted that your presence in the united nation Human Rights Council is not tolerable by Pakistan govt.

 It should be noted that united nation Watch has nothing to do with the UN, only the name multiplicity an NGOs called Watch is sponsored by Israeli, Indian & some other groups who against Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke at the United Nations with his eyes closed to the enemy. No one before Imran Khan had responded so openly to the enemies of Islam. ۔


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