Saudi Govt demand 2 billion dollar how to repay this money this Imran govt


Sources in the Ministry of Finance said that the date of one installment of the loan taken from Saudi Arabia is coming to an end next month and we are trying Of this amount, 3 3 billion was in cash, while  3.2 billion was oil and gas contracts, paid in installments.


It was a kind of business aid. Saudi Arabia is trying to figure out how to repay the debt, as the 6 6 billion it has withheld from the IMF is unlikely to be repaid, experts say. If the IMF-sanctioned package is not released in the coming days, Pakistan may face financial difficulties at the international level.


 At present, Pakistan's financial resources and two Saudi Arabian loans are repaid. And restore the IMF package our best to repay the installment of two billion dollars in any case. Under the package, 6. 6.2 billion was provided to Pakistan to help Imran Khan's new government avoid bankruptcy in the global economic arena. As a result of talks with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Saudi Arabia provided 6. 6.2 billion to Pakistan. Dollar loan to beautify.

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