A great Congratulation to New elected president of america from PM imran khan


Prime Minister of Islamic Democratic of Pakistan Imran Khan has congratulated new elected President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on their victory in the US the presidential election of 2020. The PM of Pakistan said that he would great and interesting work with the newly elected American President for Afghan peace and stability in the region and other neighboring countries.


On the other hand, President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Ali congratulated the newly elected United States of America President Joe Biden and said that Pakistan wants to be continue its long term very good friendship with the United States and maintain a long-term good relationship. In that statement, Pakistani President Dr. Arif Ali also congratulated Vice President Kamala Harris a very great moment for all countries and especially America.


He also said he would look forward to better US efforts & a
good struggle for peace at the national & international level, especially in Afghanistan and his neighbors  and the region as a whole world. Pak President Arif Ali said that Pakistan wants to maintain long-term friendship and dignified relations with the United States.  


Former Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari congratulated Joe Biden who new elected president on his election as President of the United States of America and said that Joe Biden's democracy and The statement of tolerance is commendable. In his statement, he said that the election of Joe Biden would have a positive impact on the world situation. He said he hoped that the newly elected President of the United States would implement the declaration of world peace and law in order.

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