Resign Japanese Prime Minister Shanzy Obey for Bad Health Situation

PM japan has been decided to resign his prime minister ship because he is not fit about health, he has facing bad health situation issue. This is long term leader of japan. Shenzy obey has very good work for japan economy. Japan has made very good and long-term quality product manufacturing industries to spread around the world market. Honda, Osaka and other some product is very famous of the world. We are thinking these products is a logistics of japan.

Japan is a very educated, honesty and hard-working people is one of the best leaders shanzy obey former prime minister of japan. His term japan has very progressive working in previous years.

Before 1950 japan has not a progressive country ever when America drop the atom bomb in Japanese city Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Two cities are very destroying all over things but his nation never give up that leader has been decided give up war because this is not the world when an attack of any country or city all over the thing has been destrod.

When attack in two cities of japan his condition is very critical low economy people have no food to eat living facility is not available at that time but his nation has been decided to grow our nation our country.

Leadership has been decided we are not going to war to make weapons and other war products we are need to make a every kind of product is best quality to improve day by day his start working to make a products like before war attack Honda making a weapons, tank and other kind of weapons after war he has making a car, trucks, batteries and other all that things.

Now here time japan made a good quality product of electronics, auto mobile industries, electricity, each and every thing best quality product. Other countries need and want and use of japan products.

German and all over Europe have made everything he supplies all over countries but he is use Japanese product because his that thing is very reliable and best quality. People is very high interest to buy Japanese product.

Former prime minister shanzy obey has good and grow modern japan. His government term japan was develop is very high people living standard is best quality people eat best food. Japan nation is number one nation today his passport no.1 all over the other countries.

In world need Shanzy obey as a leader of every country. Japan is very support to other poor and develop countries. His manufacturer is very high interest to better and best quality product to provided his customer. Customer demand Japanese products.

Japan people buy a one product new he uses some time and leave that buy new and leave that leaving product is name second hand to export poor countries and develop countries. Honda company making a car, trucks, loader, small car is very cheap and reliable long time to export all over the world.

One day japan will lead the world economically financially and other manufacturing industries to making a new variety of products generate new technology machine reboots. American variety of products and Japanese variety of products are not same but both are high quality but American people like Japanese products on the other hand Japanese like Japanese products.

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